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5 Creative Ways to Market Your Product on Social Media

5 Creative Ways to Market Your Product on Social Media

5 Creative Ways to Market Your Product on Social Media

Social media marketing is an irreplaceable part of any business’s marketing strategy in our times and for a good reason. It allows a brand to engage directly with their target customer. It is also far more inexpensive than other paid promotion avenues. However, with the massive amount of competition on social media, brands need to update their social media strategy continually. If you’re using the same clichéd approach to marketing online as your peer brands, none of you will get very far. Here are five innovative options to explore to boost your business in the digital marketing space –
Highlight user reviews on your page – Testimonials left by other customers on your site help make prospective customers an informed decision regarding their purchase. It is far more influential in their judgment than another social media advertisement. So feature as much of user-generated content on your webpage for added returns.

Hold contests periodically – When you run an online game on your webpage, you are subtly directing user attention towards your product. A fun and simple contest with ample user giveaways will help you build a positive brand image encouraging your customers to trust your brand.

Provide promo codes and deals – Nothing makes a shopper happier than getting a good bargain. A new trick in the social media marketing manual, sharing deals and promo codes online has caught audience attention in the desired manner. Your customer remains continually engaged with your webpage to benefit from these steal deals and adds to your website traffic and sales. You could also offer personalized deals addressed to individual customers on their birthdays/anniversaries to make them feel appreciated. They’ll probably enjoy the gesture enough to remain loyal to your brand for a good while.

Come up with engaging visual content – Text is well and good, but text without any pictorial representation is drab and off-putting. Realize that it isn’t your dissertation, it’s a social media post aimed at grabbing eyeballs. Include as many videos, images and visual graphics as possible. You’ll notice better user engagement.

Spread the word in social media communities – You can join groups and communities online that fall in the same industry niche as yours and use it to redirect the audience to your business page. If they’ve expressed interest in a similar product, they wouldn’t mind checking out yours.
The key to generating leads on social media is to be creative and never pushy. Try out these tips and see how effectively they work.

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