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A Guide to Influencer Marketing

A Guide to Influencer Marketing

A Guide to Influencer Marketing

A Guide to Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the newest marketing tactic on the block. When other more traditional marketing strategies seem to be failing to provide you with any concrete results – this is what you should try. So, how does it work? Good question. You hire an influencer to market your products. An influencer is a person in your industry niche with a trusted reputation and access to an audience base.

Why opt for Influencer Marketing?

Why pay to have someone else market your product when you can do so yourself, right? Wrong. You cannot guess the power that user reviews have over a buying decision today. Gone are the days when you could engage in explicit marketing and expect the public to be interested. If anything, the market today is averse to in-your-face advertorial pursuits. They’d rather have information about the product/service you are selling and then be allowed the freedom to make their choice from then on, instead of having them pushed aggressively into their face. Influencers are individuals/groups who have established their knowledge and authority in a niche. So, people automatically are more receptive to their advice and recommendations than they would be to a random advertisement.

Although influencers are not celebrities, so to speak, they do have immense social media following. Youngsters spend most of their time on the internet. So if they’re internet famous, chances are the 15-35 age-group would have heard of them. If they have, you have already reached your target audience as this is the demographic with the most spending power.

How to go about Influencer Marketing

Quite obviously, the first place to start would be with picking your influencer. Now, if you’re selling medicines or medical products, you will obviously not be hiring a model to be your influencer. You would have to engage the services of a modern health guru or fitness enthusiast to inspire people to make healthy life choices and perhaps, buy vitamins and antibiotics produced by your company.

Other necessary issues to be sorted are – how much you will spend on your influencer marketing campaign, how much time you will set aside to determine if it is eliciting the desired gains and the platform you will choose to have this marketing performed. Another thing to keep in mind is the demographic you intend to cater to as it will influence your IM campaign to a great extent.

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