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Content Marketing Mistakes We’ve Learnt from the Past

Content Marketing Mistakes We've Learnt from the Past

Content Marketing Mistakes We’ve Learnt from the Past

Content Marketing Mistakes We’ve Learnt from the Past

It is true that you can take lessons from your mistakes. However, it is also possible to take lessons from mistakes committed by others so that you can avoid making the same errors. That becomes the key differentiator between being wise and being smart. Check out some of these major content marketing mistakes that we have learned from the past:

Mistake 1: Establishing virality as the key goal
It is not possible to simply make some content go viral. Do not make the mistake of focusing only on virality as your major goal. It can either become viral or would not be so. You should not create content solely for the sake of virality. It is more important to create helpful content for your audience.

Mistake 2: Lack of common KPIs
There are many such cases when members of the team have different Key Performance Indicators or KPIs in mind. Also, they do not have a proper discussion and eventually end up developing content they believe is an excellent campaign and yet fail to accomplish the correct set of objectives. Hence, decide first what your team aspires to achieve before starting and accordingly design the content campaign.

Mistake 3: Accepting every project
Several brands often engage in content marketing and campaigning on a tight budget that does not permit one to achieve the goals accurately and yet be judgemental.

Mistake 4: Being overenthusiastic
Many content writers go overboard and have a tendency to overshare their content. Such acts may saturate their core audience that remains the same. A good content writer should learn to diversify their audience while sending the content and also focus on the sending frequency.

Mistake 5: Forgetting the core audience
Many content writers make the mistake of developing content that they wish to read instead of probing or finding out what their audiences want to read. Hence, the lesson learned here is that you should not write for yourself but your target audience.

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