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Design Tips for Social Media Graphics

Design Tips for Social Media Graphics

Design Tips for Social Media Graphics

Humans are visual beings. The draw that the human mind has towards visuals and images supersedes the attention span, i.e. set aside for other stimuli. Content marketers have realized this the hard way and are now focused on producing attractive visual content to gain audience interest. Perhaps, once upon a time, a catchy text could be relied upon for driving a purchase but those times are long gone. Social media users consume images and videos more than any other kind of media, and so it is imperative for social media marketers to craft engaging graphical content. Learn how to do the same for yourself below –

Weave in your company logo – Suppose you share an image and it goes viral, you want the audience to trace the image back to you. The easiest way to do this is to mark your image with a logo. Every time you do this, the audience comes to recognize and remember your company logo. It makes it easier to identify the source of the image and increases brand-engagement.

Focus on the color – The color you use in your social media graphic will convey the mood that you’re trying to project. Colors have the power to evoke emotions in you and memories from your past. So don’t take the colors you use in your social media marketing graphics lightly. Familiarize yourself a little with color psychology and then go on to use colors expertly in expressing the persona you’d like.

Don’t forget the lines – Straight lines convey clarity in graphics while curved lines convey motion. If you want your audience to focus specifically on each element of your image, use straight lines. However, if you’re going to render a sense of movement and playfulness into your graphic, employ curved lines. Curved lines run along the course of the picture and then bring the audience’s focus back to the center. So, you can put the message you want to convey at the center as you sketch in the aesthetics around it.

Other than the suggestions listed above, remember that consistency is vital. So if you want your audience to keep engaging with your brand, you need to keep posting graphical content on your social media from time to time. Also, you could even use the same color scheme and font for your graphics – committing your unique style to your audience’s memory, so they can immediately identify your image from others on the feed.

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