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Difference between Content Writing and Content Marketing

Difference between Content Writing and Content Marketing

Difference between Content Writing and Content Marketing

Content Writing and Content Marketing are two sides of the same coin. While quite similar to each other, they serve different purposes. Content writing yearns to achieve more short-term goals whereas content marketing looks at long term gains. Let’s take a closer look at each to understand the differences between the two-

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is essentially a part of content marketing. It looks for immediate action. Usually, content comes with a CTA that urges its audience to take some sort of action like subscribe to a newsletter, fill up a form, or sign up for discounts. So content writing is used with the hopes of immediate conversions.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing seeks to build a relationship with the customer. The goal here is to retain the customer in the company’s sales funnel. Content marketing is used to appeal to the customer’s sensibilities and build a relationship of trust and reciprocity which will encourage the customer to continue to participate in business transactions with you. If done right, content marketing can help bring in new customers too via word of mouth publicity and referrals. Content marketing strives to provide value to the customer’s life apart from projecting a direct sales message. It is a more subtle marketing tactic than content writing.

How both need to work in tandem

t’s not possible to carry out effective digital marketing without combining the two forces of content writing and content marketing. You can write a stellar piece of content but if it reads like an explicit sales pitch – nobody will take any favorable action based on it. Again, if you come up with a humane and relevant copy for your target customer which is filled with grammatical errors, your print will fail all the same. In conclusion, content marketing teams need to have adept content writers working in them so that the content is not only fresh and engaging but also helps foster a personal bond with the customer. The content should be rich and valuable. It shouldn’t read like a request to buy your products and services. Customers are extremely off-put by such marketing tactics. You need to make them feel recognized and worthwhile to your business for them to want to invest in you. If you treat your customers like live wallets, you will never be able to succeed in your content marketing efforts.

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