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How Has Content Marketing Evolved Over the Years?

How Has Content Marketing Evolved Over the Years?

How Has Content Marketing Evolved Over the Years?

I’m sure you’ve heard that content marketing has the power to change your online business and it is capable of taking it to the next level. Similar to anything else in this world, content marketing is something that was created, developed and further improved as the years went by. Here we discuss the evolution of content marketing in brief.

A Brief timeline of how content Marketing has emerged and evolved
The first e-book or piece of content appeared online in 1993, and it was a guide to the internet that was published by O’Reilly and Associates. The book paved the way for businesses to create and distribute content online. Later on, in the late ‘90s software and the internet developed, which broadcasted the modern era of content marketing.

In 1998, content marketing became a term, the same year that Microsoft launched the first significant corporate blog. A journalist decided to report on that news story and blogged about it, which led to blogging becoming mainstream when Blogger was launched in 1999.

The early 2000s saw a rise in content writers and marketers, and there was a lot more content that was being produced more than ever before. The material was primarily written because journalists wanted to steer away from traditional outlets. With the rise of more content writers, the quality became either outstanding or awful and targetting the right audience was not clear.

In 2001, the most searched for keywords on search engines online, started with “how to..”, because people loved to find solutions or tips for their problems online. It was an excellent way for a website to create content that people would most often search for.

There was a social media boom in 2003 when Myspace lit the spark for the growth. Facebook took over from there, and with the launch of ads in these social media websites as well as on the internet in general, it was clear that content marketing and advertising did not work well together.
When advertising was the primary method to communicate with consumers, it proved to be a problematic era for content marketing.

Modern audiences are more responsive to subtle content advertisements rather than advertising that forces you to look at it. The need to be careful in selecting your channels was quite apparent. By 2010, it was found that about 88% of all brands had started to use content marketing to further their business. The universal adoption of social media enabled constant sharing of content and a lot of noise for marketers to benefit from. During this time, it was quite apparent that your content had to be relevant to do business.

Content marketing is expanding rapidly, and as it seeps into everyone’s daily lives, personalized content and legitimate information is something that will help push content marketing forward.

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