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How to Promote and Advertise Your Blog On Social Media?

Promote and Advertise Your Blog

How to Promote and Advertise Your Blog On Social Media?

How to Promote and Advertise Your Blog On Social Media?

So you write a blog, do you? But have you been getting the traffic you’d like on it? Do you get enough views and comments to assure you that your blog has a readership? If you’re a freelancer or a solo entrepreneur, perhaps even a small-sized business outfit – it doesn’t make sense to splurge on paid ads to promote your content. So, what options do you have left? Well, SEO and social media marketing, of course. Digital marketing can open new doors for you.

Here’s a quick guide on how to promote your blog on social media :

  • Include a link to your blog on all your social media accounts – It’s a surefire way to get your blog noticed. Just insert a link to your webpage in the “About Me” section of your social media profile. Anybody visiting your profile will get to see the click – hopefully increasing your click rate.

  • Share your blog’s content on Twitter – So, firstly get on Twitter and then add the “tweet” button to all your blog posts.

  • Share your content on Facebook – Add a Facebook share and like button to your blog content encouraging your readers to share what they like on their individual Facebook feeds, furthering your reach.

  • Start a Facebook page for your blog – If you are a heavy duty Facebook user, you can consider this option. A Facebook page can be accessed by those outside your friend list and shared among these people.

  • Interact with other bloggers – You can’t expect your blog to thrive in isolation without your reading and responding to other people’s blogs. You can build an organic relationship with other bloggers like you on your blogging platform and generate interest among these people about your blog. Who knows, if one of them likes your blog enough, they may recommend it to other people in their circle or leave a shoutout to your blog on their page.

  • Invite other bloggers to guest blog on your blog/Guest write for them – What this does, is it allows your blog to slide into their readership. The guest blogger will also be sharing and tweeting about their post – attracting more new readers to your blog.


Having a blog is not enough. You need to find your blog an audience. There’s nothing like digital marketing in today’s world to suit that purpose.

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