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How to Use LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing?

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How to Use LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing?

How to Use LinkedIn for Social Media Marketing?

LinkedIn is the chosen site for professional networking online. It allows you to generate business leads and share useful news and updates about your business effort. You can communicate with other professionals in your industry and reach out to potential customers on LinkedIn. It also allows you to customize your/your company’s page to target a select audience according to your specifications. So, how do you go about using LinkedIn to market your business? Here’s how:

  • You set up a company profile – LinkedIn enjoys a global audience base. When you create a profile for your company on LinkedIn, you reach out to potential customers across the world. Plus, it’s a free feature. So why not? Just enter your Company Name, pick a Display Photo and fill in the About section for starters. Then fill out details for your website, industry and other required information that the website will then use to place your company profile in Search Results. If possible, use keywords in the About Us section for better SEO. Once you’re done creating your company profile on LinkedIn, copy the link and share it on other social media platforms you use for greater visibility.

  • Jump into Content Marketing – According to LinkedIn, it takes a minimum of ten content posts to make a single conversion. Your company profile should at least have ten posts on it to establish your credibility. Use every available content type and make sure the content is catchy and worthwhile to grab audience attention. LinkedIn is saturated with content – so you’ll need to tailor yours to make it stand out from the rest. Try to build curiosity about your services with the content you share, so you can get your audience to click on the link for your company blog/website.

  • Join/Start a Group – LinkedIn Groups enable access to professionals in the same industry as yours. You can join the most popular discussion threads on the group and ask other professionals in the same boat as you for information/advice. At the same time, you can create awareness about your enterprise. Another free feature, there is no reason you shouldn’t try it out.

LinkedIn may not be the first social media platform that comes to mind for social media marketing, but it has its pros. It happens to be the only one to have profiles of professionals which increase your chances of turning a sale.

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