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Instagram Marketing and How to Do it

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing and How to Do it

Instagram Marketing and How to Do it

It is safe to say that Instagram has long marched ahead of Facebook in its reach, ever since its conception in 2010. More and more people prefer to use Instagram over other social media platforms. Many social media influencers use Instagram to share content and gain followers. It is no longer just a personal-use social media tool. Instagram has over 8 million registered business accounts – so nobody can contest the platform’s convenience for brand-building and marketing. What separates Instagram users from the user base of other social media platforms is their level of engagement. They are not merely active on the site; they’re involved. Unlike other sites, Instagram also enables brands to interact with their users in a friendly way without having to adopt a hard sell approach necessarily.

Tips to ease you into Instagram Marketing

  • Shift to a business profile – Switching to a business profile on Instagram has its benefits. Followers wishing to get in touch with you can do so by clicking Contact from your Instagram page itself. You can use your Instagram business profile to publish Instagram ads without having to resort to Facebook’s advertising tools. The ability to cull insights on the reach and performance of your posts is another win.

  • A tie-up with influencers – Influencers have a ready audience base hungry for content. If you can convince an influencer to associate with you and push your brand to their followers, you will notice a steady stream of interest coming your brand’s way.

  • Use product teasers – If your company is launching a new product, an excellent way to build excitement about the launch of this product is to release product teasers on your Instagram page. It will announce the arrival of a new product and let your audience know a little bit about the product but not aggressively market it, putting your followers in a spot.

  • Encourage customers to share photos – There is nothing a customer trusts more than another customer’s word when making a purchase. So when you get a user to share a picture of your product, it assures the prospective buyer of your product’s reliability. They are keener to make that purchase now that it has been consumer-verified.


Instagram has an unmistakable reach, and there is no reason you shouldn’t leverage the social media platform to grow your brand’s user-base. Use the tips shared above to get started and watch your business grow.

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