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What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is the modern-day avatar of celebrity endorsements. Like all things today, it is predominantly carried out on social media. The difference, however, is that the marketing campaign here is more of a collaborative effort between the influencer and the brand instead of solely being dictated by the brand.

How do you choose your Influencer?
You find out the individuals that have the most number of engaged audiences in your preferred social media platform. If these people also tend to be popular among your target audience, you get in touch with them and bring them on board. Instead of marketing directly to this target audience, you enlist the influencer’s help to get the word out about your business in an organic manner.

What makes an Influencer?
In the current virtual landscape, anybody can gain celebrity status. An influencer can belong to any walk of life. An engineer will consider a veteran in the tech space an influencer. Similarly, a young teenager will look up to the antics of an Instagram celebrity who documents their every day online. The common denominator is the number of followers that they have. Any influencer worth their salt will have at least a million followers.
Influencer Marketing/Word of Mouth Marketing
Perhaps, word-of-mouth purchase advice from a customer who has used your product to their social circle would benefit your sales. However, this customer does not enjoy the reach and popularity that an influencer does. A regular customer’s social circle is finite to make much of an impact on the overall sale of a product. If an influencer were to use this same word-of-mouth technique, he/she would yield much more profitable results.
An integral first step to begin Influencer Marketing is to market to the influencer first. When you post on their page, their followers are already coming across your brand, and the influencer too is getting acquainted with you. Also, when you blindly market to a general group of your target audience, you speculate on what they may/may not like. The amount of research required to find out what appeals to an influencer is minimal. It is easier to market to them because you can easily pinpoint their likes and dislikes.

Influencer Marketing has been raging ever since it took shape. It may take some time to manifest concrete results, but the gains you’ll amass gradually will be long-term.

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